Who is the Tripped Up Family?

We used to be a family of 3 - Mom, Dad and a tween daughter. Then one day it happened - triplet girls came on the scene. (Well, there was the 7-1/2 month prep time - they came early, wouldn't you know.) These days, Dad works full-time out of the house, Mom manages home front and works from home (which includes being the main researcher of autism therapies as well as funding researcher because most of those available therapies are not covered by insurance). Big sis recently moved (and took her kitty with her) about 20 minutes away to go to college and her main residence is now at her father's home. The triplets are in first grade this year, and the two with autism receive therapy in our home after school hours.

The posts tell what we hope are entertaining, reflective, and challenging stories about  love, hope, joy, and everything else that goes on with a family of multiples and special needs. While we won't share our daughters' real names, you'll find their nicknames suit them well. Lotte, pronounced Lottie, is our teenage daughter who loves all things music and theater, currently studying to become a choir director herself. Angel, Princess and Sunshine are our pet names for the triplets.

You'll read about teen struggles and victories, autism and its own brand of chaos, the challenges of addressing milestone delays in multiples, mastering tantrums and more in this blog. Mostly we share life with the hope that you'll feel more encouraged in your own life today - even if it's just in the "Thank God that's not me!" sort of way.