Friday, June 26, 2015

I took them to a park all by myself!

Today was the first day I felt comfortable taking the triplets to play at a park all by myself. Triplets + autism for 2 of the 3 and we hit a major milestone for Tripped Up Mommy today. Feeling hopeful!

You finally took them to a park? Yes, me, alone took my trio to a local school playground all by myself without feeling like I needed Grandma or my oldest daughter or another adult or a friendly teen to be there just in case somebody takes off running. All 3 engaged with the playground equipment functionally, including my two with autism. There was even some social play occurring. For the first time ever, this Mother of multiples felt empowered and not scared to death of elopement at a park. It may seem late to others but given all of our variables, I was beginning to wonder if it could ever happen! Full disclosure: there is a fence around much of playground, however it's a huge area and the fence still allows escape points.

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