Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dining in public... a story of compassion

They called out to her,
practically by name, I'm sure.
So with all the crazy kids in restaurants and the public's frustration with their antics, I thought I'd share this. On Monday my 6-1/2 year old (who has autism, by the way, if this is the first time you've ever seen my blog), got tired of waiting for food at the sub shop, although I was paying for it just 3 feet away. Instead, the chips at the next table called out to her.

I saw her leave the table and shouted NO! but before I could stop her a grubby little hand reached into a stranger's Doritos bag and grabbed out five chips at a time. (It was totally like the movies, like it was being shot in slow motion or something. NOOOOOO! And you turn and try to stop it, only to be too late).

Totally embarrassed, I offered to buy the two ladies another bag of chips but they refused to hear of it. (They saw I had triplets, but I never mentioned there was autism in the mix at all).There was no judgment, there was simply compassion.  And for that they were thanked at least three times by me. 

It is my hope that everyone who has small children or children with special needs and dares to go out to a restaurant, would be greeted by customers, strangers, as compassionate as these. Thank you kind strangers, you really sort of made my day. And I'm positive you made Angel triplet's day because Mommy doesn't even let her eat those chips normally.

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