They really said that!

When you're a parent of multiples, you relinquish a little privacy whenever you go out in public (must have something to do with the triplet stroller, 3 car wagon, or other "how to keep them contained" devices we often use.) Tripped Up Daddy and I used to tell each other some of the comments that we'd hear and chuckle. After a while, we just started numbering them - "This one lady stopped me at the store today, she gave me #1, #3 and #5." It just made it easier to reference. I thought I'd let you in on some of our codes.

Most common "triplet" comments to Tripped Up Family:

1. Are they TRIPLETS? Really?

2. Are they all yours? (this is particularly funny when it comes immediately after #1)

3. You really have your hands full.

4.  Are they natural? (my favorite answer to that one is - "actually, she's 100% cotton, she's 50% polyester and that last one we swear, is straight from the devil.")

5. Oh, triplets. I'm sorry. (this makes me a little defensive, so I try to gently say back, "actually we feel pretty blessed.")

6. How do you do it? (lately my answer to this has been: "Not well, not well at all. You want to borrow one for the day?")

7. Triplets, wow, how does that happen? (I usually want to say I can't do a full sex ed class right now, but I think you can look online.)

8. Do you have any others?  (which is always followed by "at least you have help," "a built-in babysitter," "oh, than you have help and it's not so bad." once this one's answered)

9. Triplets, really? All three? (I don't answer this, I just look back with raised eyebrows.)

10. They don't look alike, I thought they were triplets.

11. Are they identical? 

12. Which is your favorite? (whichever one is not tantruming, skipping a nap, or eating a worm.)

13. Two girls and a boy, how nice. (really funny when all 3 of our girls are wearing dresses)

14. So, are you having any more?

15. OMG, you're like Octomom!