Monday, February 9, 2015

Daddy Daughter Dance 2015

Tripped Up Daddy took the trio to their first Daddy Daughter Dance this past Friday. It was only possible because of the gracious help from a guy friend and his daughter (Jay & Rosemary) that we attend church with. They also happen to be teachers in the girls' church class, so they know them well and they love them dearly.

Tripped Up Daddy said the line for traditional professional photos was much too long for our trio, maybe even if we didn't have the whole autism thing to contend with. So Jay did a photo shoot in the high school lobby and then put together a video to show off the "attempts."

Enjoy "Dancing with the Starletts"

The evening itself was a hit for all three. Sunshine triplet in her typical social butterfly fashion danced with Daddy a little and then enjoyed hanging out with all her friends. Princess triplet loved the music and the lights - as evidenced by all the stimming & running around the dance floor. Angel triplet ditched the dance floor altogether and hung out with the cookies and punch most of the night. Something for everyone!