Thursday, February 19, 2015

All because she's learning how to dial 911

I always realized Sunshine triplet was dramatic, but she may have reached a new high this week. Recently we've been talking to her about emergencies and how she needs to know how to dial 911 in an emergency situation if Mommy or Daddy or an adult can't do it. Like if something happens like Mommy falls down the steps, hits her head and can't wake up. You dial 911. Great skills, right?

Yesterday at school, the first day back after a 4 day weekend, she shared her news of the weekend with her teacher (perhaps even the class). Here's her imagination hard at work: "On the stay at home days my mom fell down the stairs and wouldn’t wake up. I kept trying to wake her up but she didn’t. when she was falling she told me to call 911. My dad came home and took her to the hospital. The doctors are trying to wake her up and then she will come home." (she got teary as she told the story!)

I love how I knew I was going to fall into a coma on the way down the stairs so I very logically told my daughter to call 911 before I actually hit my head! Too cute!

Perhaps the best/funniest part is how I heard about it all. I sent an email with basic info to the teacher today and her reply back was: HOW ARE YOU? Are you out of the hospital? We're worried.

I couldn't reply back for at least 10 minutes because I was laughing so hard.

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