Thursday, November 5, 2015

You know you're a special needs mom...

Because independence here opens
up the world in so many, many ways!
when the following email from your autistic daughter's first grade teacher makes you go into a full-fledged happy tears moment for 5 full minutes.

I wanted to tell you of something that was pretty exciting today.  Out on the playground Princess was tugging on Mrs. F., so she prompted  "I want.....".  It took about 5 prompts, but then Princess said "I want potty".  She brought her in, and Princess independently went to the restroom.  It was great to see her recognizing her need for the bathroom, and advocating for herself!

Imagining my little girl in a situation where she's actually verbalizing her needs and advocating for herself - this, this is what we work so hard for. This is a moment, I've been waiting for literally years to see or hear about. I can't tell you how proud of that little girl I am right now.

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