Friday, October 14, 2011

Tell me your 5 moments

I've never had my life flash before my eyes, but if it ever did, I think these 5 moments would have to be included.

1. September 11, 1996 - The day I had my first baby - when Lotte was born. I'll never forget when I heard that first cry. It was amazing, after a very rough labor and delivery story ending in an emergency c-section, I heard my baby cry. I had never felt a better moment than right then.

2. September 11, 2001 - It started with a birthday breakfast for my 5 year old - before work, before kindergarten. By 11 a.m. the whole world had changed and I remember going to visit her at daycare "just to get grounded." She was with her dad that evening, and I had just started dating a guy a week earlier who happened to be of Middle Eastern descent. It was a weird time and that relationship didn't last through the weirdness. 

3. June 23, 2006 - This was the most beautiful day anyone had ever seen for an outdoor wedding. Tripped Up Daddy and I married that day and Lotte played us a beautiful rendition of "Simple Gifts" on her violin during the ceremony. We gave her a sapphire necklace after we exchanged our rings - it was a surprise and her smile was worth every effort of keeping that secret.

4. June 23, 2008 - "You have 3 healthy babies - all girls - and they are growing very nicely right now." This is what I remember from that 2 year wedding anniversary. That was when we learned the very high risk pregnancy we had feared would be ending, was now going well and would bless us with 3 beautiful baby girls.

5. November 18, 2008 - It was the sudden cry of Angel triplet that pierced the operating room first, then Princess, and Sunshine didn't cry at all at first (don't worry, she's made up for that since!). It took that first cry to remind me that "Oh yeah, this isn't just another procedure in this tough medical road, we're having babies!" Then the later realization as I looked at each baby crib in the NICU, that "they're all mine!"

Those are my five moments - now it's your turn. If your life flashed before your eyes, what are 5 moments you know would be included?


  1. Hmm. Good question. When I think back on my life, it's all rather blurred together. Way back, playing in the woods while growing up in Northern Wiscosnin, then through middle school, high school and college, nothing...long periods of memory loss. Instead of remembering the birth of A, I think of her sitting at table, barely 3, in her big purple painting shirt, making lovely pictures of piglet, who was a girl back then. I see her wrapped up in "String Blanket," a very important member in her world from birth through middle school. Flash forward a little and there I am crying at her 8th grade graduation. Most of my life flashing before me would include her and I bet she will be my last thought before I pass from this world to the next.

  2. Nice memories Julie! Thanks for sharing.