Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye

Halloween 2010 - Isn't there room for 1 more year?
Even when it's only Piglet.

I have always loved Pooh - with his simple yet somehow profound comments. The innocence of childhood is so compelling to me too (you know, childhood before we started trying to teach our kids to read while they are still babies and work hard to get them into AP classes to save college money, etc.). I've read AA Milne's fabulous stories again and again - by the way, they're so much more wonderful than Disney's view, although in reality I don't complain about the initial movie... just all the new "adulterations" of the classic.

Anyway, with that Winnie the Pooh obsession in place, it's not so very surprising I jumped on the opportunity to dress my triplets in coordinating 100 Aker Woods Halloween costumes two years in a row. I was visibly sad when I realized they couldn't really wear them again this year, well, not unless I expected them to walk stiff-legged while trick or treating. I figured that might be construed as child abuse. So... a Craigslist post was made this year.

Just two nights ago we said goodbye to Piglet and my love affair with all things Pooh was suddenly reduced to a mere $15. It's a good thing I still have the photo from last year. The girls still want to hear about Pooh bear and they still watch the video. The hard part will be when they all say "Not Pooh, Mama, he's only for babies." Yes, I've heard it before, and it made me cry then too.

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