Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's time to simplify

No, we're not moving, but you couldn't tell could you?
We have too much stuff - do you know that feeling? I'm not exactly a "clutter-free" housekeeper, but I think the area in the basement is nearly a fire hazard. Perhaps it could be an episode in Hoarders, okay humor me and say maybe not quite.

Still, believe it or not, there's a door behind the blanket hanging on the wall (covered because that door should be replaced with a more energy efficient one). And, if that "storage corner," as we call it - were cleared out, we'd actually be able to someday use our walkout basement. Hmmm, you'd think that'd be incentive enough wouldn't you? Alas, it hasn't been so far.

Wouldn't this be more appealing?
Some of it is just the leftovers from the triplets' last stage. The triplet stroller, baby clothes, baby gear, etc. Some of it is stuff we've moved at least two other times and it's still in the same boxes. A lot of our leftovers can be sold, perhaps for some money, perhaps for a little more than some and perhaps little of nothing. We need to sort, list,  donate, freecycle, and finally dump. Because honestly, I'd prefer a different look.

It's time to purge, because I feel the need to simplify. Who knows, maybe I'll find something worth a fortune in there... I'll keep you posted.

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