Sunday, October 23, 2011

Unexpected nursery gig

I normally work in the church toddler nursery once every couple of months. It's not a horrible thing, I mean it makes sense. We use the nursery as often as we can, so we should help staff it. Today the room was understaffed and I couldn't bear to leave them with three more kids and no more help. So... it was an unexpected nursery gig today.

I used a line I stole from one of my nannies a lot today. "Mommies and Daddies always come back, because they love their kids so much. Mommy will come back, she always comes back." I also realized how difficult my own children must be for other nursery workers as one continually stole every child's pacifier and proceeded to put it in her mouth, one constantly wanted to climb on the table and sit in the middle, and the other simply couldn't find anything to do for any length of time. My quota for crying children is a little tapped today. Thank God my own girls are in a nap now.

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