Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's a good day to hug Daddy

Daddy plays ball with triplets
I know it's not Father's Day, but it's still a good day to hug Daddy. If you have someone who's a great father to your kids - it's worth giving him a hug (or if a hug is awkward, at least a genuine thank you - like I will do with Lotte's dad).

Why the sudden concern about fathers? The past week has brought up the fragility of life for me - only this time through many losses of fathers of young children. Let's start with Trevor Slot from West Michigan on Thursday, Oct. 13. The life of a police officer is always subject to some measure of danger, but Trevor's typical work activities had him working as a court officer. That Thursday, however, Trevor left his duties to respond to a call, and unfortunately it was the last call he ever responded to. The two suspects fleeing from a bank robbery apparently aimed their vehicle directly at Trevor as he set up stop sticks on the road. He was run over by the vehicle and killed. He left a wife and two young daughters.

Next up is Kevin Bruins, who went missing on Saturday, Oct. 15. He loved to jet ski and when the waves on Lake Michigan got big that Saturday, he decided to enjoy them. Although a highly experienced water athlete, Kevin apparently got into some trouble when he didn't have a buddy nearby. He went missing without anyone realizing it until the middle of that night. His body wasn't found until early the next week. He left a wife and three young sons.

The national news on Sunday, Oct. 16, showed the horrific Indy car crash which took the life of Indy Car driver Dan Wheldon. Certainly race car drivers know that any race could end in tragedy, but Dan was apparently very passionate about safety. In fact, he had helped test a new and safer Indy car that will come out next year. The racing world is still mourning Dan and he left behind a wife and two young sons.

So many stories of Daddies leaving children behind. I feel bad for each of those children. I can't imagine losing my own dad at all, let alone at so young an age. It makes me grateful for Tripped Up Daddy, the daddy to my triplets and stepdad to my teen. It makes me grateful for Lotte's dad too and all the ways he parents her.

Yes, today, and maybe in fact, every day is a good day to hug a daddy.


  1. I agree!! And while I can't hug my dad, maybe a phone call would be nice.

  2. I agree, my own dad is miles and miles away too, so a phone call might be perfect.