Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tripped Up Daddy's new DIY project - Fireplace

He's so proud of the progress on the new fireplace treatment that he didn't want to go to bed last night. He just wanted to sit and look at his work. All we need now are the fluted pieces to make the sides look like columns, one cut tile for the left bottom side, the mantel shelf, and the painting job.

So, what color should the surround and the mantel shelf be painted? Options are:
  • White
  • Black
What color should the flourishes (on top and corners of surround) be?
  • Blend in with the surround's color (if it's white, they're white, if black they're black)
  • Sharply contrast with surround's color (if it's white, they're black, if black, they're white)
  • Stain the flourishes so there is slight contrast (probably a cherry stain or red oak stain - something to pull out the red of the tile).
  • Paint the flourishes a darker green than the room will be painted ultimately.
It's currently brick painted white but badly in need of re-paint or a change. Please provide thoughts on that as well.

Notes on room overall:
  • Hearth is brick painted white, but badly in need of re-paint (or a change).
  • End tables and coffee table are black and will stay that way. All incorporate tan/dark brown wicker baskets as part of the tables.
  • Black shadow boxes on wall next to fireplace (shown slightly in pic) will be moving to another wall.
  • We expect to paint the livingroom green (probably a version of sage, not hunter) and may use some shades of burgundy/brick red as accent colors.
  • Furniture is still old and will be changing, but for now it's shades of green and brown. 
  • Trim in room is white and the large picture window has a green curtain (a dark sage green).

You can give us your ideas via the comments here or email and we will post the finished photos as soon as project is complete.

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