Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yeah, but who are you really?

Even though I've been writing for a living for as long as I've been out of college (and that's far too long for me to put into years, trust me), this is honestly my very first blog that's not planned to meet a client's marketing or sales need. This blog instead taps into the creative writing side of me, the long lost journalist, the storyteller who writes simply because it must be done or her soul will die.

Since I'm new at this blogging game and I'm writing about my family, I thought it might be wise to lay out a few ground rules.
#1 - I don't expect to state my children's real names, but I will tell you their nicknames fit them really well.
#2 - My intention is not to "market" or "exploit" my family, however, I do believe I have some stories to share that may encourage others in similar situations (or just make you glad you're not me). In either case, it's okay.
#3 - Yes, we have triplets, but we also have a teen daughter who's been here 12 years longer than the little girls. If I ever slide into a "talking only about the triplets" mode, you as my reader, have the license to say: "Hey Tripped Up, what's up with the teen?" It may sting at the moment, but I'll welcome the reminder.

So let me tell you about the girls:

Little Lotte: This is our beautiful 14-year-old girl who loves music and is completely obsessed with Phantom of the Opera. She plays violin, sings and periodically plunks around on the piano - especially when she decides to compose. She loves her sisters, but prefers babysitting when she actually gets paid to do so. The nickname is her choice, is pronounced Lottie, and has something to do with Phantom, don't ask me what.

Angel: Sometimes this little girl can be better described as Pixie (always looking for fun), but because she's fully capable of destroying anything while wearing a completely innocent look, she has become Angel. She loves to climb and has earned first rights to a crib tent - thanks to her recent climb out of the crib as well as a  pack n' play. While she is the smallest of the triplets, she's an absolute dynamo who never stops moving and is persistent in all things.

Princess: Sweetness personified. She's a reflective little girl who doesn't seem to be bothered by sisters who grab toys away. The wind on her face, the color of the sky, trees that blow in the wind - all of these are fascinating to Princess triplet. Like her older sister, she loves music and will begin to sway and dance at the slightest melody she hears.

Sunshine: The first of the triplets to smile and when she does - the whole world brightens. Her drama is easy to see in other ways too - sometimes it gets really loud. If there is a pecking order for triplets, Sunshine believes she's at the top. A born leader, she loves structure and never misses a thing. She loves to color and play with little figurine/action figures - Winnie the Pooh and Toy Story, actually.

So those are the most active players in the family - Tripped Up Mommy & Daddy just try to keep up. And the cats? Well, that would probably be a whole post in its own, and believe it or not, this Tripped Up Mommy is getting tired...

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