Wednesday, April 20, 2011

D Day = 13 days to single parenting

The countdown is on and the tension is rising. Single parenthood looms large and begins May 2.

No, don't worry, Tripped up Mommy & Daddy are still madly in love, but come May 2, we'll be living in separate homes during the week, about 100 miles apart, throughout the summer. The big commute is about to begin.

I never know exactly what to expect in this tripped up world of mine, but operating as a single parent 4 nights out of the week for 4 months, wasn't exactly high on my list, I have to admit. I'm extremely happy about the opportunity that Tripped up Daddy has however and wouldn't ask him to ignore it for anything. So, I've got 13 days to get prepped, settle down and make it work.

It's not as though I've never been a single mother with a full-time job, just never
with 4 kids, 3 of whom are 2-1/2- years-old. We're talking tantrums, potty-training, messy dinners, and high maintenance bath times. And like it or not, my teenager still wants to take driver's training. Like a friend said recently, it's time to start channeling Rosie the Riveter. 

And really, when I think of it like that, my situation is so small when you consider what many of our military families had back in WWII and some face even yet today. My 4 paltry months of 1/2 time single parenting looks pretty darn easy in comparison. Still, the fear and tension remains a bit. Have already started the "buy the right book" coping mechanism - Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living, Clutter Rehab and The Happiest Mom all guaranteed to help me be more peaceful and better organized, right? Hired a wonderful live-in nanny who starts in just a couple weeks and current sitter will help until she arrives. The plans are already coming together beautifully, right?

I Am Woman, hear me roar, right? Bring home the bacon & do everything else, right?

Okay, yeah, I'm scared. Triplets are sometimes just plain intimidating. So, if you have any fantastic quick & easy dinner ideas for the crockpot (or other easy to throw together idea) I'm all for it. In fact, if you have any time-saving, miracle-producing ideas at all - I'll take 'em. (Miracle-producing, not meaning additional children, mind you, I'm fine with the 4 miracles I have, thank you.) I'm just not sure my channel to Rosie is quite as clear as I'd like yet.

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