Thursday, September 8, 2011

The advance of the Republic of Babyland

Tripped Up Life was not the first contemplated as the title of this blog. Among the many others was Tripped Up Daddy's favorite, The Republic of Babyland. He seems to often think of raising triplets as fighting a war, and the advancing horde is the trio of babies turned toddler, fast approaching preschool ages.

For a moment or two, let's indulge the militaristic theme. The Republic of Babyland referred to all those areas of the house "owned" or occupied by the babies - that used to be bassinets, cribs, bouncy seats, blankets on the floor, etc. - all of which took up a lot of room, but still seemed somewhat controlled. As the girls grew more mobile, we put baby gates up everywhere to deal with the "baby-proofing" issues. The biggest one was 12' long and divided the kitchen from the rest of the great room. It was a God-send and allowed us some sanity as we cooked meals or just needed a break from the constant "getting into everything" times 3 chaos. It also allowed us to see and respond quickly to any issues.

It's open season in the kitchen now.
Today, the Republic of Babyland (or Toddlerhood by now) advanced. We removed the 12' gate so it can go to another area of the home we're not quite ready to allow the toddlers ready access. That means the kitchen, which used to be a triplets' area "when accompanied only" is now officially part of their ready domain. That means three toddlers will be underfoot and stealing food during meal prep (Princess), will be helping to pay bills at the kitchen desk (Sunshine), and will be regularly attempting to climb onto and stand on the dining room table (Angel). Oh, and did I mention, the stairs will be open to the second floor? Yeah, that's part of this deal too.

All three of our cats are skittish tonight as they walk around the kitchen area. It's been two and a half years since the great room was un-gated. The poor cats will have little retreat area, except for the basement, from screaming toddlers who just want to love them.

It may be time to be afraid - to be very afraid.


  1. Hilarious! I can just see the three of them making their way around the kitchen inspecting all the nooks and crannies while you're trying to cook. Has the makings of a very funny movie scene :)

  2. Indeed! Day 1 down and it hasn't been too bad - Angel does love to climb the desk & dining room table however.