Monday, April 15, 2013

Church NextStep Toilet Seat - Review

Like many other parents, we've struggled in the Tripped Up castle with potty training and the feeling that it will never end. Two weeks ago, we decided Spring Break would serve as a Potty Training boot camp, specifically for Sunshine triplet who is neurotypical. This boot camp really was my last ditch effort before calling in any and every expert to deal with the never-ending problem. I'll get into the specifics of all of that in a later post, but today I simply want to share my thoughts on a product we're using that's actually helping during this stressful time. We've had it for a number of months, and we've been very pleased.

Tripped Up Daddy bought our first Church NextStep Toilet Seat from a nearby Lowe's. He installed it in our main floor half bathroom, the main potty training location, in just 10 minutes. After about 5 days using this ingenious product, we purchased an additional one to install in the main kids bathroom upstairs. If you only want to purchase one potty training seat, I'd say this is the one you want.

This toilet seat is great for toddlers and preschoolers to use when they're toilet training. There is a magnet that holds the little seat against the seat cover when the big people need it and it flips down easily so your little tot can be super independent. The size of the seat is the perfect size for little bums and because it's made to fit the big toilet, there's no concern of tipping or falling through, unlike the typical seats that inset into the toilet seat.

We've found this toilet seat also highly encourages the idea that your child is really independent and learning to be grown - up. Our Sunshine triplet loves the fact that she can sit on the same toilet that all the big people in the house do.

The only down sides we've seen so far to this seat is that sometimes it comes unhooked on one side as you're pulling it down to use it. It easily snaps back into place, even Sunshine triplet can do it. I've also noticed some slight bubbling of the paint on the very back of the seat. I don't know if those things are from wear or if our particular seat just didn't wear as well as the one in the upstairs bath.

Overall, I give this product a thumbs-up for sure. We've given away the 2 Dora Explorer inset seats (similar to these), one to Grandma because the Church seat is such a better option. Now don't assume that means we have gotten rid of our more standard potty chairs that sit on the floor - that would be a big NO, but then, we have triplets and sometimes extra potties are really important, right?

*Disclosure: Church & Lowe's have not provided me with any money or product for this review. This review is simply my view after using a product that's helped make the Tripped Up Castle a little more happy and less stressful.

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