Saturday, February 15, 2014

Two inches of success

Sometimes it's really hard to do life. I mean, sometimes you realize that every single place you look in your home there is another obvious example of a task left undone or, in my house, more like 10 tasks left undone stacked up on one another. At those moments everything feels overwhelming and it's scary to even try to look at a task list because the priorities are too confusing.

Today is one of those days where the mountains of undone tasks, disorganization, strewn toys, unfolded laundry, dirty dishes, leaking shower, broken van (and I could go on and on) all grew far higher than my normal tolerance level. Overwhelming, paralyzing, hopeless.

Me whining to Tripped Up Daddy: There's isn't even 2" in this house that doesn't remind me of something left undone or some other way that I'm failing.

Sunshine triplet at the very moment I said the word "failing": Mommy, look at my picture I drew! See it's me and you and Daddy. See the pink bubbles and the sun and all the tall grass?

Me to Sunshine triplet: This is awesome, honey. I love it.

Sunshine triplet: I love you Mommy! and she bounces off to her next activity

Tripped Up Daddy to me: I think you just got a whole lot more than 2 inches of proof that nothing you're doing could be called failure.

I don't think the interchange made it any easier to address my lack of organization and mountains of undone tasks, but it did remind me that my success/failure measuring device might need some recalibrating.

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