Wednesday, July 2, 2014

And it's not even breakfast time for Mommy yet

The best I can say about today so far is at least it's happening after coffee... even if it is before I get breakfast.

Today's most often used phrases so far today (and it's not even noon):
  1.  "No, stop eating the book." 
  2. "You may read the book, hold the book, look at the book. Do not rip the book. Do not eat the book."
  3. "You may not break the book binding. We read books this way."
  4. "Breaking light bulbs is dangerous!"
  5. "Stop! Give me the broken light bulb. No, not in your mouth."
  6. "No we may not unscrew lightbulbs."
  7. "Come back downstairs. You may not be upstairs without Mommy."
  8. "You may have water, not juice."
  9. "No juice. Water, would you like water? Have some water."
  10. "You may not hit your sister."
  11. "Where is your barrette? Take your barrette out of your mouth."
  12. "Stop licking the puzzle pieces."
It feels like a Pica heavy day today. Is this transitional behavior? Who knows? It sure could be. We're transitioning in our ABA therapy, school, speech, and OT therapy. Plus, we just sent 1/6 of our family to Europe yesterday. I think you can safely say our life is tumultuous today.

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