Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Next stop Europe...

Well, for Lotte anyway. One-sixth of the Tripped Up Family is heading to Chicago now and then boards a plane to Warsaw, Poland to begin a 15-day European Choral Tour. She's competing in the World Choir Games in Riga, Latvia as part of her high school's European Tour Choirs. They will visit Prague, Vienna, and Budapest along the way. If you're interested, you can follow along with the Rockford Choirs via Twitter, their Facebook page, Instagram, and of course their blog.

Today's office

No pictures of Lotte leaving for Europe today because when you're holding onto two 5-year-olds' hands while keeping track of where the other 5-year-old wanders with periodic glances, not only do you not have hands to take a picture, but you also don't have the eye focus. That's okay, I would have gotten water (tears) all over my phone anyway. How can I end up not crying during graduation but end up balling when I drop her off for her Europe trip?

Closely averting two meltdowns while 57+ people gathered with all of their luggage and send-off people (on a windy day that even Pooh would find slightly mentionable) and still managing to get Lotte there early and well prepared, I'd say that was an afternoon of work. Here's hoping today's office environment will calm down all the rest of the emotions, for Tripped Up Mama and all three triplets, one of whom cried the whole way home because she didn't want to leave her sister. Mabybe later I'll just take another look at those photos of Prague & dream of seeing it all myself.

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